5 TIps for your branded photoshoot

So you've decided to step up your game and work on your brand! You're getting your website done, your'e consistently posting on your social media, and your brand is starting to look solid and cohesive. Now you need to get some photos done for your website and social media content but you're feeling kind of nervous! Don't fret! Here are five tips to help you prepare for that upcoming photo shoot!


Wear clothes you feel the most confident in!!! This is sooo important because it will make you feel beautiful and unstoppable! Your mood will be boosted and when you're in a good mood, the shoot will be enjoyable and it will show in your photos. If you can, wear some heels, not only will it give you that extra oomph! It also improves your posture.

Joan Stanford of Jazzy Pen Content Marketing

Elisa Estrera of Gratefruit Inc.


Plan the details and elements that you want represent your brand. From your brand colors to the littlest trinkets, ask your photographer how you can incorporate these elements during your shoot. This will ensure that your photos will be cohesive with the other elements of your brand like your website, social media, etc.,


Make a playlist - or ask your photographer to do it. Having music in the background that pumps you up, or just makes you wanna dance helps you to relax... now couple that with your confidence from tip #1, you're going to kill this shoot!

Val Fishbain of Spread the Love Foods


Get enough rest and stay well hydrated a couple of days before the shoot. You should already be doing this on the daily but if not please do so. Your skin and body will thank you and it will reflect on the photos!

Noilyn Mendoza of The Radiant U


This is self-explanatory. You're getting your photos done for YOUR BRAND!!! You're showing off and telling the world about YOUR BRAND! YOU'RE MAKING MONEY MOVES FOR YOUR BRAND! Isn't that exciting? Now take a deep breath, start playing that playlist, try on your clothes before the shoot, get excited and have fun and don't forget to be the BAD-ASS BOSS BABE THAT YOU ARE!!!

Ginger Dimapasok of Cafe 86